Global Arbitration Review reports that University of Michigan law professor Julian Davis Mortenson joins Miller Canfield

Tom Jones of Global Arbitration Review reported today that Julian Davis Mortenson has joined Chip Brower and the rest of us at Miller Canfield’s International Disputes Group. Here is a link to the article: Global Arbitration Review – Michigan professor joins Brower at Miller Canfield.

The article notes Mortensen’s considerable expertise in the fields of international arbitration and transnational litigation:

Mortenson has served as arbitrator, counsel, and expert witness in commercial and investor-state disputes under the ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL and VIAC rules. He has also been involved in US litigation seeking enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgments.

The piece goes on to summarize Mortensen’s impressive accomplishments in other areas of the law:

Outside the area of arbitration, he was one of the principal drafters of the merits briefs in the landmark US Supreme Court case of Boumediene v Bush, which secured the right of Guantanamo Bay detainees to challenge their incarceration.

Mortenson also represented discharged members of the US army in a challenge to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law that inhibited disclosure of homosexuality in the army. The law was repealed by the US congress in 2011.

More recently, he was lead counsel in Caspar v Snyder, which required the state of Michigan to recognise the marriages of more than 300 same-sex couples.

We’re pleased that Professor Mortenson has joined the International Disputes Group and look forward to working with him. To learn more about Professor Mortenson, please read the article in full here.

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